I’ll show you in ONE hour how I turned my zero-strategy, completely empty email list into almost a half-million thriving, nurtured, vital part of my business growth and my income!

That can and should be your story, TOO. 

How to Start (or Grow) an Email List That Lasts

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multi-passionate entrepreneurs who want to build your business on something solid

You're about to discover the secrets of how to grow an email list that algorithm-proofs your business from the ups-and-downs of social media... 

How to Start (or Grow) an Email List That Lasts

Hi! My name is Jenna Kutcher and I'd like to invite you to attend a very special, free workshop:

Wonder what to say? I’ll show you not just how to get people to hit that 'sign up' button, but what to say to them (in a non-sleazy way) once they’ve joined!

When to send out weekly emails and how to do it without adding more work to your plate… check this out, my tricks will SAVE you time while delivering significant results! 

Why the tech shouldn’t be the thing that is holding you back… in fact, I’ll share my favorite places to start and bonus: they are FREE. 

How email marketing is 10x more effective than posting on your social accounts… yeah, I said it: your social media might not be moving the needle.

Here's what I'll be teaching you in this FREE training...

Georgia Arnold
Lifestyle blogger

I found your free training and I decided to take a chance. I have found A LOT of free trainings in the past that ended up being worthless. I know when I am not going to actionable training within a few minutes of listening. There are so many “trainers” out there that really do not know what they are doing. With you, that was not the case. Within a minute, I decided to dive in and implement your strategy and it works!

Samantha Culp

Jenna has nailed it with her “Insta Essentials!” This isn’t a long drawn out course that is going to sit in your inbox until you have time to get to it. This is an easy to digest, full of fast action steps, type blueprint so you can FINALLY start showing up on Instagram the way you should be.


I’m an expert at online marketing, a nerd when it comes to the numbers, and my obsession is teaching others how to make a living doing what they love (without it taking over their life).

I’m a top-ranked business podcaster on iTunes and a girl who took a $300 Craigslist camera and turned it into a 7-figure empire! My happiest days are spent tucked away in the woods with my family, making memories, while my email list serves my audience through automation!

I'm Jenna Kutcher

hey there!

Today, I teach brave dreamers like 
you how to do the same. 

So if you're serious about wanting to build your business on something solid— without scrambling over techy hang-ups or feeling like you have nothing to say ...

... register now for this special workshop showing
you exactly how to grow an email list that lets you
say just the right thing, at just the right time, to
just the right people.

Less than 6% of your followers actually see your posts? 

The online marketing world believes that 1 subscriber = $1/month.

3.57% of people click through on links on email compared to .07% on Facebook.

My email list is the #1 way I drive profits in my biz!

The average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media.

Email marketing has acquired 40x more customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. 

A message is 5x more likely to be seen in email than via Facebook.

66% of consumers have purchased something directly from email marketing.

compared to 17% who prefer social media.

72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email

58% of people check their email first thing in the morning.

Next fact please!


Save your seat

How to Start (or Grow) an Email List That Lasts

Need more deets?

Dogs + Kids are welcome!

I'll do a Q+A afterwards! 

The training is 1 hour long!

Get ready to kick back in full-student mode for a ONE hour video training with me, your professor. ;) Taking notes is recommended!

After our class, I’ll be doing a Q+A, so stick around so I can address your top of mind questions and tackle your biggest list-building objections!

You’re tuning into my training in the comfort of your own home, so hey, why not focus on learning without the distraction of a waistband?

I gotcha covered!

Alright, I'm in! Take me to sign up! 

WARNING: Space is limited and these FREE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for... even though they are free.

This one will be no exception.
So claim your spot now!



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