Zero - 250 list building challenge

Let's do this, jenna!

Grow your email list from zero  - 250 (and beyond) in the next 30 days.

At this point, you *know* you need to figure out email. This isn't the first time you've heard how owning your audience is vital. You maybe made a mental note to 'check it out' once or twice, but havn't really put it on your to-do-today list yet. Maybe you're intimidated, or maybe you're not sure anyone (but your mom) will actually join. Maybe the tech scares you, or you feel like you have ZERO time to figure out a strategy and zero things to say.... whatever excuses have been holding you back? It's time to wash them right outta your hair!

Take all those ZEROES, and let's turn them into real numbers that make a real impact for you. 

To give you a major boost of motivation, I created this challenge just for you! I'm not going to push you to get 1,000 subscribers -- not even 500. Let’s just focus on getting revved up with tech and finding 250 warm bodies that want to hear what you’re up to. That's it! 250 people is all you need (and I'll tell you why!)

 It's FREE, Whadya say?

Ready for a challenge?

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Hi, I'm Jenna Kutcher

I'll be your fearless leader

In case the comparison monster's up to his usual tricks, you've gotta know: I'm just a small-town Minnesota mama (who doesn't believe in the word "just") building an empire while my baby girl naps. Just a few years ago, I didn't even have  an email list. Now? I drop into hundreds of thousands of inboxes on a weekly basis serving up knowledge and offering invites.

Serve Your Audience

Build Community

Drive Results for Your Biz

My email list is the #1 way I drive results in my business


Fun Fact:



Less than 6% of your followers actually see your posts.


The online marketing world believes that 1 subscriber = $1/month.


3.57% of people click through on links on email compared to .07% on Facebook.


My email list is the #1 way
I drive profits in my biz!


The average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media.


Email marketing has acquired 40x more customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. 

**According to a study done by Mckinsey and co


A message is 5x more likely to be seen in email than via Facebook.


66% of consumers have purchased something directly from email marketing.


72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email

compared to 17% who prefer social media.


58% of people check their email first thing in the morning.

Here's how this works...

Still curious?

You'll get daily emails filling you in on what your assignment is and how to complete it.

You'll get tutorial walk-throughs to simplify any tech concerns. (Ahem, you don't even need a website for this to work for you!) 

You'll be able to implement as you go! We're aiming for progress, not perfection here, so you can take action and refine later. 

You'll be given the confidence to not only start your email list, but share it with the world (and serve those new eager subscribers!) 

Once you join the Zero - 250 Challenge, I'll  guide you through the challenge day-by-day for five days straight... 

I have been so overwhelmed with this idea of email marketing for 3 years...

I have to tell you how much joy I have been brought in just the first 2 days of the Zero - 250 list launch course… You have made the process so simple! I just want to say thank you for your energy. I can hear you smiling through the microphone. I look forward to learning more from you on my business journey.


Let me walk you through it

Scared of the tech? We're taking the nightmare (and the cost) away, so you can get started -- no strings attached -- it doesn't have to be hard or scary.

*** Warning: This is ONLY for people who are committed to getting BIG results. Don't sign up if you are only half-in, cool? 

are you ready to go from zero to 250? >

are you ready to go from zero to 250?

Alright, I'm officially in! 

Nah, i'll just figure it out myself! 





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